Why Take This Course?

Time is money and training in class rooms is not longer the option it used to be.

  • Train multiple employees at One-Time

  • Learn best practices of constructing a retaining wall. You don't have to be a PRO to take the course.

  • Get a certificate of completion to show your client the knowledge you have and proper training


  • Is there an EXAM at the end of this course?

    Yes, in order for us to offer certificates to users there is a multiple choice selection of question highlighted during the course.

  • What percentage of questions do I need to answer correctly in order to receive my cerificate?

    80% correct answers upon successful completion

  • Is there a Cost for this course?

    No, this course is absolutely FREE. We want to encourage everyone to install retaining walls properly and with the correct knowledge.

  • Do I need to take the whole course at once?

    No. The beauty of online learning is that users can take the course at their own pace. The place you stopped will be saved.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Introduction to Retaining Walls
    Show Content
    • Introduction
    • History of Retaining Walls
    • Modern Usage of Retaining Walls
    • Installation Terms and Concepts
    • Gravity Retaining Walls
    • Geogrid Construction
    • Construction Zones
    • Parts of a Wall Unit
    • Batter or Setback
    • Wall Failures
    • Quiz 1 - 5 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 02
    CornerStone 100 Construction
    Show Content
    • Installation Steps
    • Planning
    • Components
    • Preparing the Site
    • Choosing Soils
    • Excavation
    • Materials and Zones
    • Excavation and Base Preparation of Your Retaining Wall
    • Vern Dueck - Installing Base Stabilization Fabric in Retaining Walls with
    • Base Leveling Pad and First Row of Your Retaining Wall
    • Retaining Wall String Line Discussion For First Row with Vern Dueck
    • Installing Retaining Wall Base Leveling Pad with Vern Dueck
    • Retaining Wall Drain Pipe Discussion with Vern Dueck
    • Geogrid and Backfill Your Retaining Wall
    • Retaining Wall Backfill and Rake with Vern Dueck
    • Laying CornerStone Retaining Wall Blocks with Vern Dueck
    • Installing Retaining Wall Geogrid Discussion with Vern Dueck
    • Backfill Continued in Steps for Building Your Retaining Wall
    • Finish Your Retaining Wall Construction Installation Capping
    • Quiz 2 - 5 Multiple Choice Questions